Charitable Contribution Request

We receive many contribution requests, and cannot accommodate them all.  All requests will be evaluated on an individual basis. Kelly’s reserves the right to deny any and all requests by any and all parties regardless of whether they meet or do not meet the criteria noted below. Kelly’s reserves the right to provide in-kind contributions in lieu of cash requests where they deem appropriate.

Kelly’s Donation Policy

Consideration will be given to the financial need of each request, based on the following:

  • the requesting organization’s sources of support;
  • the donation’s overall impact to the community or communities served;
  • the donation’s overall positive impact on Kelly’s customers;
  • the size or amount of the contribution request; and,
  • funds availability.
Eligibility Requirements

Donations must benefit non-profit organizations with tax exemption under Section 501c(3) or (6) of the Internal Revenue Code which are considered charitable, civic, educational, recreational and/or receive the majority of their support through outside funding. Requesting entities must conduct activities in the community in which Kelly’s has a place of business.

Kelly’s may NOT consider contributions to the following:

  • “for-profit” organizations;
  • religious groups or religion-based organizations;
  • individual teams or smaller sports organizations that do not benefit a large segment of the community;
  • individuals (including members) or organizations seeking funds for personal or individual endeavors, including reimbursement for medical needs or expenses;
  • those organizations where funds would be used for the purpose of building assets or capital;
  • those capable of supporting themselves; or,
  • individual(s) or small group(s) that are not representative of the community Kelly’s serves.

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